Product Features

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Back-End Features

E-Commerce Dashboard

Product features: A simple dashboard that lets you track your company’s growth. Easily track daily, monthly and yearly revenues and expenses using different filters.

Product Features - An all in One Solution - Upparel

Order Management

Track each and every order by updating the status, adding order notes, inputting tracking info, and more.

Customer Management

Understand the value each of your customers – track spend, orders and more.

Product Features - An all in One Solution - Upparel
Product Features - An all in One Solution - Upparel

Product Management

Create unique or generic products for repeat and one-time orders. Easily set prices and SKUs, upload product images, manage stock, and more.

Multiple Users & Roles

Create unique logins for the members of your team and assign roles for each user.

Product Features - An all in One Solution - Upparel

File Management

Manage all of your files in one place! Easily store & locate your files to upload to product pages.

Data & Analytics

Take control of your business by understanding how you’re performing in a changing market.

Product Features - An all in One Solution - Upparel

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Front-End Features

Modern Landing Pages

Your Landing Page is your first impression – we give you sleek, optimized templates for you to market your business.


Reduce order mistakes while saving yourself, your team, & your customers time with every order. Send Product Links not invoices where customers can see the mockup & purchase in seconds.

product features

Branded Storefronts

Create Branded Storefronts for a convenient order experience & easily service recurring customers.

Design Tool

Allow customers to create custom products right from your website. Our Design Tool can be customized to your brand and either hosted on a custom domain or embedded on your website (and it’s mobile friendly, too).

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