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Whether you need help with keeping track of tasks, improving customer communications, reducing costly mistakes, automating customer orders, creating branded storefronts, or help with scheduling, Merch Solutions will help you grow your business and reduce headaches.

Our Customers use Merch Solutions to Service Organizations Small & Large

All in one Solution for Distributors Decorators Suppliers

We understand the challenges and pain points of the promotional products industry, that’s why we created Merch Solutions: to streamline your workflow, organize your team, and provide your customers – so you can focus on growing your business.

    Order Management

    Track each and every order by updating the status, adding order notes, inputting tracking info, and more.

    Customer Management

    View all of your customers information, orders, interactions and more all from one place.

    Product Management

    Create unique or generic products for repeat and one-time orders. Easily set prices, product images, and manage stock.

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    Grow your Business with


    Leverage e-commerce and join our marketplace to offer your customers an Amazon-like shopping experience with e-commerce tools specifically made for the promotional products industry.

      Manage your Business with

      One Platform

      Organization, management and productivity. Our features let you confidently manage the entire lifecycle of a decorated-apparel order and track every component of your business. Mistakes, bottlenecks and inefficiencies will be a distant memory.


        Store and locate all your files in the Upparel cloud.


        Track your sales and growth from a proper dashboard.


        Assign accounts permissions for each person of your team.

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        Automate your Workflow with


        No more adding invoices manually into separate software systems or back and forth emails with customers! Eliminate double entry with our online accounting integrations and streamline customer communication with a live chat or Zoom. Merch Solutions has thousands integrations to automate your operations.

        Join our NETWORK

        Get Exclusive Access to our

        Custom Products Marketplace

        We provide a network of enterprise customers, distributors and suppliers to do business through our connected marketplace. Explore the other tools our network gains access to below:

        Customer Communication

        No more back & forth phone calls & emails. Connect with your customers in a whole new way using Zoom video calls, live-chat customer service, & automated email forms.

        Digital Sales & Marketing

        Effortlessly sell beyond the constraints of your local market & manage all of your sales reps or digital marketing efforts. Get back to being a business leader instead of falling victim to day-to-day management.

        Vectorization & Graphic Design

        Whether you’re trying to scale your team’s productivity or free up your own time to focus on growing your business, Upparel offers outsourced professional graphic design & vector services at discounted prices.

        Coming Soon

        Offer an Intuitive Design Tool

        Allow customers to create custom products right from your website. Our Design Tool will help you save time quoting by automating pricing by decoration type with each order.

        Let us Help You Expand Online & Streamline Your Operations

        We’re looking for more adopters to help us build a world-class custom products management solution & succeed in a changing market.